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Native American and métis History
Please see the History of New France Page for the 17th Century Timelines that discuss in detail New France’s history in the Great Lakes and Mississippi Valley
Articles and Bibliographies:
A Huron Carol, by Jean de Brébeuf, contributed by Diane Wolford Sheppard
The Relationships between French Canadians and Native Americans: The Library of Congress' France in America website contains short articles which explain their relationships.  Their relationships contrast greatly with the treatment that the Native Americans received from the British and the Americans.  See:
The Dictionary of Canadian Biographies’ Introductory Chapter The Indians of Northeastern North America:
Ste Marie Among the Hurons - overhead
Overhead View of Sainte Marie Among the Hurons, courtesy of the Museum;
Interior of a Reconstructed Huron or Wendat Longhouse - Huronia Museum
Interior of a reconstructed Huron or Wendat Longhouse - Courtesy of The Huronia Museum in Midland, Ontario,